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Providing you with fine food, beverages and world-class professional table and kitchenware.

Authorized Representative of Tamahagane - World-class, handcrafted kitchen knives made in Tsubame, Niigata.

The Nosawa Export team works to build strong relationships with leading companies world-wide to further the export of fine Japanese food, beverages and world-class professional table and kitchenware.

We are a sole selling agent of TAMAHAGANE.

Produced in Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture, the Tamahagane knives are sought after from Sweden, Italy, and the UK to Russia, Greece, and the USA. Japanese manufacturers with superior skill and quality are highly regarded by international buyers, kitchen professionals, and discerning consumers. Our customers value the high-level craftsmanship and the eye-catching designs in our knives and tableware. In addition, our market relationships throughout the world and our extensive experience in exporting Japanese products make us the ideal partner in connecting manufacturers and buyers.


Chikiri mark symbolizes a strong tie between suppliers and customers. Originally used as connecters in the building of a wooden frame boat, the two angles are tied together at the corner. The shipwright used these to reinforce the timber connections.

Sideways CHIKIRI CHIKIRI a part of wooden boat
Sideways CHIKIRICHIKIRI a part of wooden boat

Providing you with Fine Food and Beverages of Japan

Since 2015 Nosawa has exported Japanese Sake to Hong Kong. Since then, the creation of overseas markets for Japanese agricultural products has expanded to destinations like Korea, China, Macau, Thailand, Europe, and North America and includes 15 breweries of sake, craft beers, and wines. And with consumer demand, we have included an increasing variety of food and beverages including, black pork, wagyu roast beef, baking powder, whisky, and amazake, a sweet fermented rice drink. Looking for products, activities or services, contact us.

Sake, an integral part of Japanese cuisine

Our certified Sake Sommeliers SSI offer sake and food pairing seminars around the globe.

Japanese Green Tea

One of the healthiest beverages on earth, all of our green tea products are sustainable and grown in pesticide free soil.