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About Exporting High-quality Japanese Products

Bringing Japanese culture, technology and products through out the world

NOSAWA exports high-value Made in Japan products to overseas markets.
We collaborate with technically superior manufacturers in the field of craftsmanship, producing various metal products such as knives and kitchenware for supply to international markets.
In the realm of food, which supports people's lives, we sell hidden gem local sake and craft beer with unique flavors to overseas customers.
Furthermore, we offer premium wheat flour for high-end bread production to the increasingly westernized Asian region.
In response to the growing health-conscious trend, we are also dedicated to selling organic Japanese tea in partnership with local farmers, promoting "Farm to Table" sales.

The NOSAWA brand highly esteemed around the world

Key points of the Nosawa brand


We selects high-quality products that resonate with the global market


We select better methods to ensure safety and quality and deliver them to the world


We places a high value on building trusted business relationships

List of export products


The knives crafted in the highly skilled craftsmanship of Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture, are a testament to the excellence of Japanese cutlery.
These knives are painstakingly created through repeated rolling and forging, harnessing the accumulated knowledge of master swordsmiths. They combine long-lasting sharpness with ease of sharpening, earning immense appreciation and loyalty from top chefs worldwide.

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Japanese alcoholic beverages

Japanese sake, which is becoming increasingly popular in Western restaurants, has gained recognition as a staple.
Japanese sake exhibits a diverse range of flavors depending on the producer and has been found to complement not only Japanese cuisine but also a variety of other dishes, drawing attention to its potential for food pairings.
We primarily export regional sake from Japan to Europe and beyond.

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Craft beers

Craft beer, reflecting the dedication and values of its makers, has been gaining momentum both domestically and internationally.
We primarily export products from various regions to Europe, showcasing the commitment of Japanese brewers to the world.
Additionally, we also handle the export of shochu.
If you are considering expanding the overseas presence of alcoholic beverages, please do not hesitate to reach out to us for inquiries.

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Japanese tea

Japanese tea, with its health benefits and exotic aromas, has started to gain attention.
We are actively promoting organic tea as a central focus.
In countries like the United States, Japanese tea specialty cafes have emerged, offering popular cafe menu items such as matcha lattes and roasted tea lattes.
If you are considering expanding the overseas presence of tea products, please do not hesitate to contact us for inquiries.

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Wheat flours

Japanese-produced wheat flour is highly regarded for its quality, exceptional processing characteristics and flavor. The demand for it overseas has been on the rise.
We are committed to bringing the unique Japanese bread characteristics of soft and fluffy texture through out the world.

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Japanese-style rooms

Our modular tatami rooms, utilizing housing technology, can be assembled and disassembled without the need for special tools or skills.
They feature frames made from the Japanese highest-quality Akamomiji cypress and shoji screens using Echizen washi paper, conveying the essence of Japanese culture through the scent of cypress and the soft, diffused light from the washi paper.
If you are considering incorporating a Japanese touch into overseas events or setting up traditional Japanese tatami or tea rooms, please do not hesitate to contact us for inquiries.

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About food processing machinery

We pride ourselves on providing recommendations for the most suitable food processing machinery that aligns with your needs. 

Our diverse lineup includes essential food processing machines for the production and processing of food items like tofu, soy milk, ice cream, cake slicers, and more.
In addition to the machines and manufacturers featured on our website, we can also provide information on other options not listed.

The detailed page is available here

Please contact us from here for inquiries and consultations regarding Japanese product exports

We are appealing to people worldwide with high-quality Japanese products by utilizing the NOSAWA's brand trust that we have built up over the years, in collaboration with domestic suppliers producing excellent items.
At NOSAWA, we are dedicated to discovering Made in Japan products that resonate and inspire foreigners, and we aim to share not only Japanese goods but also Japanese culture and advanced technology with people all around the world.
For inquiries regarding the export of Japanese products, please do not hesitate to contact us here.