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Transportation of Racehorses, Riding Horses

With over 100 years of our abundant experience and trust from client, we have been supplying the safe and comfortable horse transportation.

World wide transportation of racehorses, riding horses and more

We, who know everything about the characteristics of horses, will transport them safely and keep them comfortable.

It began in 1900 when horses were imported from England. Since then, we have been helping to carefully transport G1 class racehorses, including foreign-bred horses and Japanese thoroughbreds, who are active in the horse racing world in Japan and overseas.

We transport racehorses to international races overseas and invitation races in Japan, and international equestrian competition horses, we transport import and export thoroughbred breeding horses, breeding mares, and stallions, also import riding horse, some time export. With over 100 years of experience, trust, and abundant know-how, we are proud to be the best in Japan.

Process of Horse Transportation

When horses are exported or imported, they are transported in containers known as horse stalls (air transport containers for horses). The most crucial aspect is to ensure that the horses do not get injured during transportation.
We, with our deep understanding of equine characteristics, take every precaution to transport them safely and maintain their health.
Please trust NOSAWA, a reliable choice for your peace of mind when it comes to horse transportation.

The NCA cargo dedicated aircraft arrives at the international airport, and the unloading of the air transport containers takes place.

After the NCA cargo dedicated aircraft arrives at the international airport, the equipment is unloaded from the aircraft. Equipment with front loading doors, especially when dealing with delicate animals like horses, can expedite the unloading process.
The unloaded horse stalls are then transported to a prepared work platform using small towing vehicles.

After undergoing import animal quarantine, the animals are then transported to their respective destinations.

Upon arrival from abroad to participate in international races in Japan, racehorses are transported in horse transport vehicles. After completing customs clearance procedures, they are transported to the quarantine facility designated for international racehorses in the bonded area.

During the specified period, the imported horses undergo animal quarantine, after which they proceed to their respective destinations, such as racecourses.

Please contact us here for inquiries and quotation requests regarding horse transportation.

Our representative will get back to you promptly.

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