Our In-house Brands

Denim Accessories by HEIWA clothes

Experience authentic denim.
An e-commerce site that specializes in premium denim accessories and a wide range of convenient products nationwide.

Our strength in the textile division lies in the meticulously crafted denim produced entirely by the skilled denim artisans at our Chinese factory, who have been working with denim for decades.

Our fabrics are of high quality and made in Japan, contributing to environmentally conscious SDGs by repurposing B-grade materials.
Furthermore, we handle the entire process from development and production to sales of original products using this denim.
In recent years, we have also taken on consignment sales using our platform, gradually expanding our sales. Our current consignment sale product, the 'Knife Case,' has become a major hit.


NOSAWA's original brand with the concept of 'Workwear for Dairy Farmers'

This is the workwear brand proposed by the textile division to dairy farmers.
It showcases products that are the result of the textile division's long-standing pursuit of both fashion and functionality, combined with the insights of the livestock division, which is familiar with the evolving dairy farming industry.
NOSAWA, with its rich history, is proud to offer products that are unique to us.


Italian × DENIM
NOSAWA's Original Brand Featuring the Connection between 'Things' and 'People'

Italian Camping Inspired by the Mediterranean of Italy
Lately, we've been collaborating the strengths of our textile division in denim products with our food division's expertise in Italian ingredients, participating in various events. We have been actively targeting the camping market, including developing collaborative products with popular influencers and conducting sales and tasting events at large urban events and outdoor retail stores.
In the future, we plan to leverage the expertise we have cultivated in Japan and consider expanding internationally, aiming to increase our recognition and reach.

Causalite Famille

Office specializing in materials and products with antimicrobial and antiviral properties

Causalite Famille is an office aimed at delivering safe and reliable products based on solid evidence, primarily responsible for the management and distribution of SPT1000F.
SPT1000F is a certified product by the General Incorporated Association Textile Evaluation Technology Council, known for its excellent antibacterial and antiviral properties in the raw cotton, which reduces the presence of bacteria and viruses within clothing.
Furthermore, using SPT1000F allows for the display of the SEK certification mark on the product. Products managed by Causalite Famille will be labeled with Causalite Famille's tags and logo.

*Used in a blend of 7% or more of the total composition