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Inquiry List

If you have any questions or inquiries for NOSAWA's various divisions, please contact us via the inquiry form. If you are unsure of the contact department, please use the 'Other Inquiries' option.
Our respective department representatives will get back to you at a later date.

For inquiries related to cheese and imported food sales

For inquiries related to dairy farming total support

For inquiries regarding high-quality genetic resources, frozen semen and fertilized embryos

For inquiries regarding dairy farming supplies and equipments

For inquiries about genome testing and breeding consultation services

Overseas Inspection & Information Dissemination

For inquiries regarding the transportation of racehorses (horses in general)

Transportation of racehorses (horses in general)

For inquiries related to the import of livestock animals, such as dairy cows, pigs, Burmese sheep and goats, as well as semen

For inquiries related to the NOSAWA Hokkaido Farm

For inquiries about farm visits, internships, Texel lamb meat, or any other matters

For inquiries related to clothing and textile processing and manufacturing

For inquiries about bulk purchasing and selling of our own brand, fabric exports and OEM services, please contact us here

For inquiries about exporting high-quality Japanese products

For other inquiries