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Company Information

Taking the legacy of trust through the NOSAWA's brand to create new value for the world

We, NOSAWA, are a comprehensive trading company founded in 1869, dealing with products and services related to people's lives, such as food, livestock, machinery and apparel.
With a history of 150 years, we value both our tradition and innovative thinking, as well as nurturing close and familial relationships.
We aim to provide unique value that only NOSAWA, not only within Japan but also globally, and grow and develop together with our customers.

President's Message

We have crafted a new business philosophy in anticipation of our company's 200th anniversary, aligning it with the evolving times.
"Contributing to the industry's development with the spirit of a samurai's soul and a merchant's acumen.".
Guided by our new Mission, we are committed to striving towards contributing to the advancement of various industries.

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NOSAWA's business spans various areas, and it has been built over more than 150 years on the foundation of trust with customers and domestic and international suppliers.
Our style is to seek out what our customers need from around the world, and in some cases, create it.
With the brand of trust that is inherited, NOSAWA continues to challenge itself to provide new value.

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NOSAWA's 150-year History

NOSAWA has always stood at the intersection of Japan and the world as an innovator, continuously embracing challenges. Over the course of our long 150-year history, both the products we handle and our network of locations have evolved significantly.
NOSAWA doesn't take on tasks simply because they are profitable. We pursue new challenges with dedication, investing time and effort, and persistently working until they eventually take shape and become part of NOSAWA's business today. This passion for new challenges has allowed us to grow into a unique trading company with versatility and expertise, contributing to the industry's development and shaping our own history.
Please explore the enduring spirit and journey of NOSAWA that continues to be passed down.

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The Future of NOSAWA

NOSAWA's "Farm to Table"

NOSAWA's business covers a wide range of areas, and this has been developed over a history of more than 150 years. We are committed to advancing this evolution even further.
Our style is to seek out what our customers need from around the world and, in some cases, create it. We will continue to do business with a spirit of challenge in all endeavors.
With this spirit, we are embarking on new challenges for the next 50 years. Looking towards the future, NOSAWA will deliver valuable products and experiences to the world alongside Japanese culture.

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Corporate Philosophy

We, NOSAWA, inherit a timeless mission that has been passed down through generations. It is the founding spirit of the first-generation Unokichi Nosawa, which he called "Shikon Shosai".
Even after 150 years since our founding, this mission continues to be passed down without interruption.
Our mission is clear: To contribute to the industry's development with the spirit of  "Samurai spirit & business acumen" and pioneering solutions. This mission remains steadfast, no matter how the business environment around us changes.
We aims to contribute to the sustainable growth of the industry and our customers by expanding the social value of our business.

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Company Profile

We will provide you with our basic information, including our capital, business description, the locations of our headquarters and branch offices with access maps, as well as information about our sales offices and related companies.

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