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Dairy Farming Business "Total Approach"

NOSAWA's Dairy Farming Business
What is 'Total Approach'?

NOSAWA has a track record of various approaches in the field of dairy farming, focusing on areas such as genetic improvement, barn environment, herd management, and information provision that dairy farmers seek.
Through a comprehensive support system that leverages this expertise, we are dedicated to assisting in increasing productivity and profitability in ranch management.

The four areas of approach provided by NOSAWA

Improvement / Barn / Management / Information

Products and Services to Meet the Needs of Dairy Farmers

High-Quality Genetic Resources

Frozen Semen and Embryos, etc.

We import and sell top-tier genetic resources of dairy cattle (frozen semen and frozen embryos) from North America, and our specialized staff supports various herd issues from the perspective of genetic improvement.
Additionally, we also handle Japanese cattle genetic resources to meet domestic demand.

The detailed page is available here

Dairy Farm Equipment, Facilities

Barn Environment, Artificial Insemination Equipment, Hygiene Supplies, etc.

We import, install, and sell a wide range of products including Cow Comfort Zones, mats, parlors, bulk coolers, large fans, heat detection devices, calf-related materials, hygiene supplies, and artificial insemination equipment.
We provide comprehensive support for all aspects of barn environments.

The detailed page is available here

Cattle Herd Consulting Services

Genomic Testing and Breeding Consultation Services, etc.

Through genomic testing provided by NOSAWA, we analyze the genetic information of dairy cattle. By quantifying the potential of female cows, we offer dairy farmers a fast and accurate breeding plan.
Additionally, our breeding consultation services at NOSAWA help manage the increasingly complex inbreeding coefficients year by year, leading to solutions.

The detailed page is available here

Overseas Inspection and Information Dissemination

Bull Semen Information, North American Dairy Farming Trends, Judging Results, etc.

We provide the latest information on North American dairy farming to the domestic audience promptly.
Additionally, we facilitate study sessions, guest lecturers, and judging panels through overseas suppliers. We are also active on social media platforms such as SNS and YouTube.

The detailed page is available here

Please contact us here for inquiries and consultations regarding dairy farming business

NOSAWA provides the necessary genetics, materials, and more for the dairy farming field.
Additionally, we offer consulting services that include genomic testing and breeding consultation.

  • I want to schedule an improvement consultation (ordering frozen semen, fertilized embryos, etc.)
  • I want to utilize the breeding consultation service (for managing inbreeding coefficients, etc.)
  • I want to assess the potential of female cows (genomic testing).
  • I am interested in ordering and requesting a quote for barn environmental equipment and AI devices.