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High-Quality Genetic Resources Frozen Semen & Embryos

Our specialized staff provides support for various herd issues from the perspective of genetic improvement

We import and sell top-tier genetic resources of dairy cattle (frozen semen and frozen embryos) from North America, and our specialized staff supports various herd issues from the perspective of genetic improvement.
Additionally, we also handle Japanese cattle genetic resources to meet domestic demand.

What is 'frozen semen'?

Semen collected from superior genetically selected bulls can be frozen and used for artificial insemination in female cows, resulting in pregnancies. The calves born from this process often exhibit improved traits compared to their mothers and are expected to perform well as future cattle on the farm.
NOSAWA provides dairy farmers with frozen semen from superior bulls that excel in various improvement factors such as milk yield, milk composition, body type, reproductive ability, disease resistance, and more.

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Dairy Bull Semen

NOSAWA has been importing and distributing cutting-edge dairy bull frozen semen from North America for many years, contributing to the improvement of domestic cattle herds as a sales representative

Semex Alliance

An agricultural company consisting of three leading artificial insemination facilities in Canada, owned by farmers

World Wide Sires

The International Marketing Division of Select Sires, the largest artificial insemination facility in the United States

The detailed page is available here

Dairy Cow Embryos

We import frozen fertilized embryos collected from renowned female cows and their families with exceptional achievements, especially overseas. These embryos carry the latest genes that have excelled in cattle shows and offer high profitability. We can swiftly introduce them into your cattle herd.

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Japanese Cattle Genetic Resources

For information regarding Japanese cattle frozen semen and embryos, please refer to the SEKI CATTLE BREEDERS, INC's website.

The detailed page is available here

Please contact us here for inquiries and consultations regarding dairy farming business

NOSAWA provides the necessary genetics, materials, and more for the dairy farming field.
Additionally, we offer consulting services that include genomic testing and breeding consultation.

  • I want to schedule an improvement consultation (ordering frozen semen, fertilized embryos, etc.)
  • I want to utilize the breeding consultation service (for managing inbreeding coefficients, etc.)
  • I want to assess the potential of female cows (genomic testing).
  • I am interested in ordering and requesting a quote for barn environmental equipment and AI devices.

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