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NOSAWA Hokkaido Farm

We aim to stand in the field of dairy farming and be your close partner.

The NOSAWA Hokkaido Farm was established as a related facility to closely collaborate with the dairy farming industry, from the import of livestock-related animals. For over 50 years, since 1972, we have been operating and managing the 'NOSAWA Hokkaido Farm' in the Hokkaido region.

Our farm management at NOSAWA is not just about selling products; it's about being employees who can understand the feelings of our customers, the dairy farmers, even if it's just a little, by actually engaging in dairy farming ourselves. This has been our wish since the establishment of the farm.

What is 'NOSAWA Hokkaido Farm'?

The NOSAWA Hokkaido Farm strives to be a closer partner, sharing concerns and solving problems together from the perspective of our customers, the dairy farmers. Simultaneously, this farm serves as a place to test and validate the latest technologies in the dairy farming industry by actually using the cutting-edge dairy farming products and services we provide.
In addition to rigorous hygiene management, we care for each and every animal with love, ensuring they grow healthy and stress-free. This farm embodies our commitment to providing the best possible support to the dairy farming community.

The farm is located about a 15-minute drive from Chitose City, the gateway to Hokkaido.
Surrounded by trees and abundant wildlife, it is a naturally rich environment.

We nurture them freely and expansively on this lush land.

For the sake of individual dairy farmers and the advancement of Japan's dairy industry.
NOSAWA's "Total Approach" continues.

NOSAWA adheres to a "Total Approach" philosophy, which means providing continuous support to customers from all angles. This commitment remains unchanged at the Hokkaido Farm, where we tirelessly pursue various endeavors every day to benefit our customers and contribute to the dairy industry in Japan.

Our activities encompass a wide range of interactions and involvement in the Japanese dairy industry, from addressing inquiries and consultations from dairy farmers, such as questions about livestock management and how to deal with illnesses, to facilitating farm visits and internships, and participating in events organized by dairy cooperatives and research institutes, including seminars on artificial insemination for bloodline improvement.
We engage extensively and deeply from upstream to downstream in the Japanese dairy industry.

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Strengths of NOSAWA Hokkaido Farm


NOSAWA, consisting of various divisions, takes a "total approach"

We support everything related to dairy farming, from livestock genetics to materials and machinery

The dairy cows and Merino sheep that we manage on the farm are descendants of the parent generation imported by our livestock department from Australia and their offspring.
We place a strong emphasis on breeding improvement and incorporate the latest technologies such as high-quality frozen semen from North America and genetic testing to achieve results.
Additionally, we collaborate with our machinery and textiles departments to develop and sell dairy farming-related products.

We also prioritize hygiene management, and in the 2020 dairy cow test results, we ranked at the top in Hokkaido for somatic cell count and calving intervals. Our shipment destinations also rate our milk quality at the top level.

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We use the semen and fertilized eggs provided by NOSAWA for improvement at NOSAWA Hokkaido Farm

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We use our NOSAWA Hokkaido Farm as the venue for artificial insemination training courses for Merino sheep.
These courses are organized by the Japan Livestock Association and are aimed at maintaining the main breeding stock for the purpose of blood renewal, conducted in testing fields and cooperative livestock associations.

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NOSAWA Hokkaido Farm welcomes dairy farmers for farm visits, practical training for agricultural high schools and universities and dairy farmer internships.
For more details, please feel free to inquire through our contact form.

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Bringing a fresh perspective to dairy farming management

The Challenge to Rare Domestic Sheep Meat "Texel"

The Merino sheep on our farm are of the rare Texel breed, originally from the Netherlands, imported by our Livestock Division in 1997.
In a meat industry that is currently 99% reliant on imports, we are one of the very few producers of the 1% domestically produced lamb meat, specifically the rare Texel breed, complete with pedigree certification.
Our raised lamb meat is supplied to contracted companies in Hokkaido and restaurants in Tokyo. We have been expanding this business year by year, recently participating in online sales and regional tax donation programs, all of which have been well-received.
Furthermore, we continue to explore the use of wool, always approaching our endeavors with fresh perspectives.

We allow them to graze on vast grasslands and move freely.

What is a 'Texel sheep'?

Texel sheep, a breed originating from the Texel Island in northern Netherlands, are a type of sheep that most people have probably never seen before. They have a distinctive, sturdy appearance that sets them apart from the common image of sheep.
Their meat is known for being high-quality, with delicious, well-marbled fat. In September 2021, a Texel sheep was auctioned in Scotland for approximately 52 million yen, making it the world's most expensive sheep.

[Merino Sheep Artificial Insemination Seminar] Despite our small-scale operation, we actively participate in and cooperate with training seminars organized by relevant associations.

What is a 'hogget'?

Hogget refers to sheep aged between 1 and 2 years old. Hogget, which falls between lambs under 1 year old and mutton aged 2 years and older, is generally raised for a longer period.
This results in meat that has a richer taste and color, offering a more flavorful experience than lamb.

You can purchase limited quantity, rare Japanese 'Texel sheep meat' here through online ordering.

Rare 'Texel Breed - Hogget' lamb meat, carefully raised at NOSAWA Hokkaido Farm in Chitose City, Hokkaido, is available for sale on the food retail site 'Pocket Marche'.
Texel lamb meat is unique for its lack of any gamey odor, its sweet-tasting fat, and its refreshing tenderness. It's considered a rare breed even among the 1% of domestically produced lamb meat, with limited availability.
We want everyone to get a taste of the delicious Texel lamb meat from NOSAWA Hokkaido Farm.

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Recipes using Texel sheep meat

Mustard and Breadcrumb Roasted Shoulder Meat
Shoulder meat, known for its well-developed muscles, is a lean, flavorful red meat with minimal fat content. It becomes tender and delicious when prepared through simmering or roasting.

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Tataki of Tenderloin Meat with Ponzu Jelly
Using tender and well-marbled tenderloin meat, this recipe offers a refreshing taste when served with onion slices and ponzu jelly.

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Gorgonzola-Flavored Roasted Pork Loin
The chop is taken from the loin, and it is tender with a good amount of fat, making it the part where you can best experience the flavor of the lamb.

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Lamb Belly and Mushroom Ahihjo
The belly cut has plenty of fat, making it the juiciest part. Within the rich fat flavor, you can savor the essence of lamb.

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Explore more exquisite recipes using Texel sheep meat

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Leveraging the authentic voices of dairy farming on the field and connecting them


In Hokkaido, known as the dairy farming kingdom of Japan, our farm allows us to have a close connection with many of our customers who are dairy farmers themselves.
As both dairy farmers and NOSAWA employees work together at the farm, we have the unique advantage of being able to share real-time insights from the field and the dairy farming conditions in Hokkaido with our entire company.
This strong network that bridges the gap between our sales team and the field allows us to provide our customers with products and services that truly meet their needs. This is what sets NOSAWA Hokkaido Farm apart.

NOSAWA manages our own farms and constantly strives to understand customer needs from the same perspective.

There is a strong network in place that conveys the "real voices" from the field and immediately translates them into support for dairy farmers.

The "Calf Jacket" is effective in preventing low body temperature in calves and promoting their growth. It has been designed with features that make it easy to maintain cleanliness.

We use various dairy farming-related materials such as "Calf Respirator," "Towels for Milking," and "Agents for Nipple Moisturizing" in practice and provide feedback within the company. This feedback process helps in the development and improvement of better products.

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Please click here for inquiries about visiting the Hokkaido Farm, internships, practical training, or questions related to Texel lamb management and care.

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  • Inquiry about Dairy Farm Internship and Student Internship Opportunities
  • Inquiry about Dairy Farming and Livestock Management