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Corporate Philosophy

No matter how much the world changes,
No matter how much the times change.

We NOSAWA have an enduring spirit that has been passed down through generations.


Our Mission

Our Aspiration, Purpose and Significance of Existence

We contribute to the industry's development with the spirit of "Shikon Shosai" and pioneering solutions.

What is "Shikon Shosai"?
"Shikon" signifies the "spirit of a samurai," and "Shosai" signifies the "talent of a merchant." It means always embodying both the characteristics of a conscientious visionary who cares about the public good and the vigor of an entrepreneur who never misses an opportunity.


Our Attitude

Actions to be taken in pursuit of the company's aspirations, purposes and significance of existence

  • Gentleman Agreement

    A strong sense of responsibility towards commitments and conducting business with unwavering ethics

  • Total Approach

    Business that provides sustained support to customers from all directions


Our Values

The foundational mindset for the company's posture, as well as the functional value provided to customers and the industry in the end.

  • Growth

    We nurture individuals with a strong drive for improvement and self-discipline

  • End User First

    We accurately identify true needs and use them as the foundation for concrete proposals

  • Innovation

    We offer products and services ahead of their time, creating new markets


Our Principles of Action

The commitments each of our employees make to themselves in order to realize Mission, Vision and Values.

  • Spirit

    We inherit the spirit of our founding, set high goals, and pursue results

  • Trust

    We cherish even the smallest promises, build upon them, and establish great trust

  • Newest

    We quickly discover, engage with, understand, and adopt new things

  • Speed

    We don't just stop at thinking; we take action first and efficiently accomplish our tasks

  • Team

    We believe in our colleagues and, together, we grow as we entrust and are entrusted with our work

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