Wheat Flours

Selected wheat flour to around the world

Japanese-produced wheat flour is highly regarded for its quality, excellent processing properties, and flavor. The demand for it overseas is on the rise.
We aim to bring the characteristic Japanese bread texture of soft and fluffy to the world.

Taiyou Flour Milling Co., Ltd.(Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture)

As diversification progresses, with a focus on safety and security, they aim to develop businesses that are closely connected to the local community while leveraging flexibility. In their milling operations, they have state-of-the-art facilities to manufacture and sell high-quality wheat flour tailored to various purposes and demands.

Bread Baker

This wheat flour offers a distinct 'wheatiness' that sets it apart from the usual popular wheat flours.
It can be used for various types of bread, including sandwich bread and sweet pastries.


A French bread specialty flour blend, made from wheat flour ground with a stone mill.
It results in a French bread with a light crust texture, a strong aroma, and a sweet flavor.

Super Meringue

This wheat flour, suitable for making bread, provides excellent oven spring and results in high-volume bread. The finished bread has a characteristic crispy yet chewy texture.
It is recommended for making loaf bread and meal bread.

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We are appealing to people worldwide with high-quality Japanese products by utilizing the NOSAWA's brand trust that we have built up over the years, in collaboration with domestic suppliers producing excellent items.
At NOSAWA, we are dedicated to discovering Made in Japan products that resonate and inspire foreigners, and we aim to share not only Japanese goods but also Japanese culture and advanced technology with people all around the world.
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