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Business Introduction

"From industry-leading services to the pinnacle of service excellence"
NOSAWA continues to innovate and contribute to our customers

The business activities of NOSAWA are diverse and extensive. These have been developed over a history spanning more than 150 years, and we are committed to further advancing this evolution.
We will introduce the business activities of NOSAWA that align with the demands of this era, where contributing to society through our business is essential.

Business Introduction

Cheese & Imported Food Sales

We are constantly discovering foreign ingredients and raw materials, ranging from cheese and dairy products to pasta, olive oil, and introducing them to Japan.
Please feel free to consult with us for new product ideas and development.

Export of High-Quality Japanese Products

NOSAWA exports high-value Made in Japan products to overseas markets.
We specialize in craftsmanship by offering various metal products such as knives and kitchen utensils.
In the realm of food, we also dedicate to selling local sake, craft beer, wheat flour and Japanese tea.

Clothing Textile Processing & Manufacturing

We primarily engage in OEM production of denim products in partnership with Chinese factories, importing and selling them.
Additionally, we recycle leftover scraps and venture into the development and sales of new products.

Dairy Farming Total Support

We provide comprehensive support for dairy farming, including the import of frozen semen and fertilized embryos of dairy cows, as well as genetic testing. You can also rely on us for artificial respiration equipment for horses, cattle, dogs and cats, as well as dairy farming facilities and supplies.

Transportation of Racehorses, Riding Horses, and Import of Other Livestock and Semen

We assist in the transportation of valuable horses, including overseas-born horses performing in Japans horse racing industry and Japanese Thoroughbreds excelling abroad.
Additionally, we contribute to domestic livestock improvement projects by importing not only livestock animals such as dairy cows, pigs, Burmese sheep and goats, but also frozen semen and fertilized embryos.

About NOSAWA Hokkaido Farm

Since 1972, we have been operating and managing our business in Hokkaido, with the goal of becoming a closer and more accessible partner from the perspective of dairy farmers, aiming to solve their problems.