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The Future of NOSAWA

From Japan to the world

Contributing to the industry with a global perspective, both in Japan and around the world

Towards our 200-year anniversary, NOSAWA aims to collaborate with our group companies, branches, and partners both domestically and globally. We will strive to provide value to customers worldwide.

While the growth of NOSAWA and its affiliates is important, we also have a broader perspective that includes not just the Japanese market but the global market.
We aim to make positive contributions to all industries and markets we are involved in.

Creating and revolutionizing markets

New value propositions tailored to the times

Throughout its history, NOSAWA has adapted to changing times by altering the direction of its trade, focusing on exports in the past and imports after World War II. The company has always aimed to provide products and services that align with the needs of each era.

While promoting the globalization of business, NOSAWA places great importance on dialogue with the field and its customers. We continue to strive for the creation of new markets and the maximization of customer business by offering value propositions that are relevant to the times, considering both micro and macro perspectives.

Preservation of Tradition

NOSAWA's DNA "Gentleman Agreement"

Even in businesses that require a lot of effort, we at NOSAWA approach them with care and dedication.

This commitment to thoroughness and taking the time to do things right has been a cornerstone of our current business. It's a philosophy inherited from previous generations of leaders at NOSAWA and is ingrained in our DNA.

At NOSAWA, we are committed to passing down this philosophy to each and every employee. Our focus is not solely on self-interest but on contributing to the sustainable development of the industry and Japan as a whole.
We will continue to uphold and transmit this philosophy to ensure a sustainable and prosperous future.

Toward Future-Oriented Specialists

Cultivating autonomous employees and teamwork

NOSAWA is revisiting its management philosophy and promoting the development of self-reliant employees who shift towards a more future-oriented perspective.

Additionally, efforts to strengthen cooperation across departments and groups, creating a communication-friendly environment, are being made to support customers comprehensively.
This aims to enhance teamwork and culture development for better customer assistance.

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