Cattle Herd Consulting Services

We will quantify the potential of dairy cows and provide an appropriate breeding plan

NOSAWA offers genome testing to analyze the genetic information of dairy cows.
By quantifying the potential of female cows numerically, we can efficiently develop suitable breeding plans.
Additionally, our mating consultation services at NOSAWA help address the increasingly complex management of inbreeding coefficients year after year.

What can be learned from genome testing and how to utilize it

What is 'genome testing'?

Analyzing the genetic information of dairy cows allows for the quantification of improvement factors such as the capabilities, body traits, and management characteristics of female cows.
By enhancing the overall genetic potential of the herd, it contributes to the profitability improvement of the farm.

The genetic potential of female cattle

This allows for the selection of which calves to keep in the barn and which females to produce as successor cows.

Understanding the genetic trends within the cattle herd

Visualizing the genetic weaknesses within the cattle herd and identifying priority areas for improvement.

Progress of improvements

By conducting ongoing inspections, you can track the progress of genetic improvements in the entire cattle herd through visual representations such as graphs.

What can be done through mating consultation services and how to utilize them effectively

What is 'mating consultation services'?

Utilizing programs provided by North American suppliers, we guide the selection of optimal breeding bulls for the female herd based on pedigree information and genome test results.
Additionally, we can rank the female cows and propose appropriate breeding plans.

Managing inbreeding coefficients

We recommend appropriate breeding to avoid the increasing complexity of inbreeding coefficients each year, reducing the management effort during insemination.

Preventing the occurrence of genetic defects

We avoid mating carrier cows that are known to cause calf lethality disorders or embryo loss due to defective genes or haplotypes.

Improving body conformation and accelerating genetic improvement

Depending on the system's capabilities, we recommend mating strategies that efficiently perform either body conformation adjustments or genetic improvements tailored to the specific preferences of each farm.

What can be done with bull selection tools and how to use them effectively

What is 'bull selection tools'?

We will adeptly select and recommend the ideal breeding bulls from the diverse NOSAWA's lineup, tailored to the specific needs of each farm.
In addition to setting preferences for priority improvement factors, we cater to a wide range of demands, including bulls suitable for robotic milking, A2A2 gene carriers, and hornless bulls.

Selecting from WWS and SEMEX breeding bulls

We conduct a needs assessment to the preferences of each farm and recommend breeding bulls that align with their improvement goals.

Creating custom improvement indices for each individual farm

We can create customized indices tailored to the specific needs of our customers, in addition to the existing comprehensive indices, allowing for a more precise selection of breeding bulls.

The cost and inventory management of frozen semen

We will generate a report that visualizes the cost-effectiveness by considering the appropriate quantity and cost of semen to purchase.

Please contact us here for inquiries and consultations regarding dairy farming business

NOSAWA provides the necessary genetics, materials, and more for the dairy farming field.
Additionally, we offer consulting services that include genomic testing and breeding consultation.

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  • I want to utilize the breeding consultation service (for managing inbreeding coefficients, etc.)
  • I want to assess the potential of female cows (genomic testing).
  • I am interested in ordering and requesting a quote for barn environmental equipment and AI devices.

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