About Us

Our "Farm to Table"

NOSAWA has acted as a trading company on the global stage, adapting to the changing times and innovating repeatedly. For over 150 years, we have served as a bridge between Japan and the world.

We are not merely a trading company engaged in the buying and selling of products.

Under the stance of a "Total Approach" that supports customers from all directions for the long term, we are a group of professionals who face each and every customer, continuing to run alongside them to create the next future.

We pay attention to what our customers seek in products and services, even to the smallest needs. We add value to each customer's requirements and send them to the market.

Our small, but agile teams work with a speed that is unmatched by others. We have a track record and experience in pioneering numerous firsts in Japan. Our strong network, built on trust, and the spirit passed down since our founding are NOSAWA's capabilities and our unique strengths.

NOSAWA's "Farm to Table" is about utilizing its organizational capabilities to sincerely and wholeheartedly connect customers' products with consumers. It's about providing satisfaction to customers and consumers alike. As the culmination of this effort, we aim to contribute to the development of each market and industry we serve.

 Six departments supporting our "Total Approach"

Total Approach

"Total Approach" where cross-department collaboration allows our entire company to create value

One of NOSAWA's strengths lies in its employees' ability to work together as a team, transcending departmental boundaries to develop cohesive businesses. For instance, the Food Division and Livestock Division may collaborate on importing and selling lactic acid bacteria and enzymes, while the Machinery Division and Buisiness Development Division might join forces to export Japanese products overseas. Crossing departmental boundaries to provide enduring support to customers from all directions, known as the "Total Approach" is one our ingrained philosophies.

The collaborative product born from our "Total Approach"
Livestock Department x Textile Department

The 'Calf Jacket' is a product developed across departmental boundaries under the philosophy of our "Total Approach", where customer challenges are considered from all angles to find solutions. This product was created based on the needs of dairy farmers identified by our Livestock Department, with the design conceived by our Textile Department. It stands out for its user-friendly shape and design, tailored to the working environment and usage conditions of dairy farmers.
Additionally, NOSAWA leverages its own farms and customer connections to conduct sample product testing and verification.


A long-standing but continually innovative trading company that keeps challenging new frontiers

Founded in 1869, NOSAWA is a trading company with a history of over 150 years. At the time of its founding, Japan was in an era where all export and import operations were monopolized by foreign trading companies in Japan. In an effort to break this monopoly, NOSAWA achieved the direct import of foreign goods and the direct export of Japanese products, laying the foundation for free trade.

Subsequently, NOSAWA continued to pioneer challenges ahead of its time, such as being the first in Japan to import cheese and frozen semen of dairy cattle. These efforts have contributed to the development of industries that are now taken for granted. The spirit of challenging by anticipating the times and working for the overall development of the industry continues to be passed down to employees today.

Took on the challenge of importing frozen semen, which changed the breeding methods for Japanese dairy cattle, and established the know-how in this field

NOSAWA's Livestock Department was quick to engage in the importation of high-quality frozen semen from the United States and Canada when the importation of frozen semen for dairy cattle was allowed in 1984. It is said that the quality of cows is determined by their daily care, accounting for 70%, while the remaining 30% is influenced by genetics. To incorporate superior genetic traits from around the world, live dairy cattle used to be imported before the importation of frozen semen began.
However, live cattle imports entail significant risks and costs. NOSAWA pioneered the importation of select genetic material in the form of frozen semen and established the expertise to breed quality dairy cattle in Japan. This has contributed to the widespread adoption of a safer and cost-effective method for dairy cattle breeding.


Building long-lasting relationships with excellent suppliers

NOSAWA follows the value of "Gentleman Agreement", which is an approach based on trust and a commitment to conducting business that benefits both parties rather than pursuing selfish interests.
This philosophy has resonated with high-quality suppliers worldwide and has been one of the reasons for building long-lasting and positive relationships. The practice of engaging in business that mutually benefits each party has ultimately led to the establishment of long-term trust with excellent suppliers.

Continuing trade with European food manufacturers for nearly 100 years

Since 1928, NOSAWA has been importing high-quality cheese from world-renowned manufacturers, playing a pioneering role in the Japanese cheese market. We have maintained a trading relationship with FrieslandCampina, a Dutch company, since 1931, spanning nearly a century (pictured is the signing ceremony of the agency contract in front of Rembrandt's painting "The Night Watch" at the Rijksmuseum in 2018).
Additionally, NOSAWA began importing lactic acid bacteria from Chr. Hansen, a Danish company, in 1955, and this partnership has continued for over 60 years.

The renewal contract signing ceremony between our company and FrieslandCampina from the Netherlands took place on June 6, 2018, in front of Rembrandt's painting "The Night Watch" at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. We originally entered into a general agency agreement in 1931 and have continued our partnership for over 90 years.


A strong commitment to hands-on information gathering

NOSAWA is committed to thoroughly collecting information through a hands-on approach. We believe that in order to determine whether this information meets the needs of customers and the market, it is important to physically visit the locations. For example, when a new dairy farming machine is introduced, we not only inspect the actual product at overseas trade shows or manufacturer factories, but also visit the farms where it is being used to evaluate it from the perspective of Japanese dairy farmers. Our dedication to being hands-on and not sparing any effort in this regard is a hallmark of NOSAWA.

We deliver truly valuable dairy farming machinery to our customers, only after numerous hands-on inspections

We directly listen to our customers' concerns and questions. Drawing from our accumulated expertise and past achievements, we put ourselves in the shoes of dairy farm operators and offer solutions to address their concerns.

In our Machinery Department, we directly visit advanced dairy countries such as the United States and Europe to gather information about dairy machinery. We place a strong emphasis on meticulous information gathering in the field, which includes confirming the latest information with suppliers and selecting new products through hands-on inspections at exhibitions, among other activities.
Our commitment to being hands-on extends to our customers as well. We visit our customers' sites, taking into account the farm's environment and conditions, and provide tailored solutions from machine installation to post-installation follow-ups.
This diligent approach in the field becomes our knowledge base, leading to the discovery of new needs and requirements.


Building on the trust associated with the NOSAWA brand, we aim to share Japanese products, culture and experiences with throughout the world

NOSAWA places emphasis on not only importing foreign products but also exporting Japanese products.
Leveraging the strength of our overseas representatives who reside abroad, we discern the needs in North America and Europe, carefully select products from all over Japan, and deliver them while maintaining their quality.
In our export business, we hold dear the concept of "selling not just products but also culture". By connecting products with consumers along with the hidden stories behind those products, we aim to resonate with and inspire foreigners, promoting the allure of Made in Japan throughout the world.

Selecting the finest Made in Japan products and exporting them abroad while maintaining good quality

Even for products like unpasteurized sake or craft beer where temperature control is crucial, our expertise, cultivated over 100 years of handling international food products, allows us to transport them overseas while maintaining their quality.

Japanese products are popular in Asia due to their high quality (Japanese cuisine is booming in Malaysia and Thailand). NOSAWA also participates in overseas trade shows to promote Japanese brand strength in countries that may not yet be fully aware of it.


Supporting and shaping the future of NOSAWA through teamwork

The Management Division of NOSAWA operates with two departments: General Affairs and Accounting, with a total of approximately 30 employees dedicated to supporting the working environment of the staff. The General Affairs Department consists of the General Affairs Section, as well as the Human Resources Section and the E-marketing Unit. The Accounting Department includes the Accounting Section, the Foreign Exchange Section, and the Information Systems Section. Each employee in these departments leverages their expertise and serves as reliable behind-the-scenes support, actively contributing on a daily basis.
Since the move to the new office in May 2023, the seating arrangement has transitioned to a group address system, promoting a flexible way of working without assigned seats. With the flexibility in seating arrangements, the Management Division has transcended department and team boundaries. They work cohesively as a unified team, sharing ideas and collaborating to enhance employee satisfaction and comfort, addressing everything from work-related queries to innovative solutions.

Going beyond mere support, we strive to enhance employee well-being with innovative ideas


At NOSAWA, projects aimed at boosting employee motivation and improving productivity are launched on a daily basis. Some of these projects are driven by select members from various departments, while others are exclusively composed of members from the Management Division.
In recent years, the Management Division has executed numerous projects, including the periodic publication of an internal newsletter, the implementation of groupware for sharing employees' schedules and achieving a paperless environment, and innovative recruitment activities to secure top talent.
Within the Management Division, employees of all levels, from junior staff to senior members, leverage their individual strengths while prioritizing employee well-being. They consistently generate fresh ideas and contribute to shaping the environment of NOSAWA.

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