President's Message

With an eye toward our 200th anniversary 50 years from now

As we commemorate our 150th anniversary, we honor our predecessors for their contributions who worked with a strong passion and provided pioneering solutions that matched the changing needs of the time and raised Japan's economic power and contribution to the world in many fields. Looking towards our 200th anniversary, we will work together to build a bright future considering the Vision of founder Mr. Unokichi Nosawa. With an updated corporate philosophy and Mission:

"Standing on Samurai spirit & business acumen,
we contribute to the development of the industry with pioneering solutions"

To succeed in our Mission, we can follow the Vision of Gentleman's Agreement and Total Approach. Let's do business with a challenging spirit! Mutual trust is a core part of our relationships with customers, suppliers, and office associates and aligns with our Vision of the Gentleman Agreement.

As we consider Total Approach, we will put our heads together to contribute to the development of the industry by offering professional functions and pioneering ideas to promote our customers' growth.

President, Representative Director
Kiichiro Nosawa

Standing on Samurai spirit and business acumen, we contribute to the development of the industry with pioneering solutions.

Our generation is managing to live off the savings that our predecessors worked hard to accumulate, allowing us to enjoy relatively good times. However, if we continue down this path, our children's generation is at risk of facing significant challenges. This is an era of rapid change, so if we don't start taking action now, we won't be prepared for what lies ahead in the next 200 years.
It's crucial that every member of NOSAWA carries a sense of urgency, not just for the sake of the company but to become a company that contributes to the industry, Japan, and the world. We need to think about what we can do now and execute it to create a brighter future.

The above thoughts have been encapsulated in our new mission statement, "Contributing to the industry's development with the spirit of a Samurai spirit and business acumen."

The "Samurai's soul" represents the spirit of our founder, Unokichi Nosawa, embodying the soul of a samurai and the acumen of a merchant. In more contemporary terms, it means, "Let's approach business with a spirit of challenging anything and everything!"
Over the course of 150 years, our company has continued because our predecessors consistently provided pioneering solutions tailored to the needs of each era to our customers. We are committed to continuing this tradition.
This mission statement reflects a dedication to innovation, adaptability, and a commitment to providing value to the industry and our customers, in the spirit of both a samurai and a savvy merchant.

To achieve this mission, we have two guiding principles as our VISION; "Gentleman Agreement" and "Total Approach".

Our "Farm to Table"

"Gentleman Agreement" is considered highly important for maintaining strong and trustworthy relationships with customers, business partners, and fellow colleagues, fostering mutually beneficial, win-win relationships.

"Total Approach" is a distinctive approach that reflects the essence of NOSAWA. It involves all departments working collaboratively, pooling their expertise to provide functional solutions that better satisfy our customers. For instance, the term "Farm to Table" epitomizes NOSAWA's Total Approach, where we aim to assist our customers' development and contribute to the industry's growth by offering specialized functional support from the farms to dining tables.

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