Japanese-style Rooms

'Iori' made with Echizen Washi Paper
Modular modern Japanese room

Monosashi Public Relations Ltd.

A modern Japanese-style room created by an architect from Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture, and a filmmaker from Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, using thinned Japanese cypress timber and locally sourced Echizen-washi (a type of Japanese paper).

To accommodate various lifestyles and allow for flexibility, the base structure is made simple. It is also took durability into consideration, allowing for repeated disassembly and assembly.

The interior incorporates Japanese traditional craftsmanship down to the finest details. Echizen-washi paper from Imadate, Echizen City, is used for the shoji screens and wallpaper.

Interior customization, including the layout, can be tailored to fit the construction space.

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