Marui Industry Co., Ltd.

Marui Industry Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1965, Daito Food Machinery specializes in Dairy Products Manufacturing and is the gold star in ice cream producing machinery, freezers and ice shaving machine in Japan.

List of Machinery

"All-In-One" Soymilk Plant MTS90-AP1

Produce Fresh and Tasty Soymilk Right Away!

  • Grinder, Cooker, and Squeezer are incorporated in one small unit.
  • Diamond powder welded grinding disc.
  • Easy Setting & Easy Operation.
  • According to every customer need, steam and water supply is automatically adjusted and controlled, and then make requested soymilk.
  • Capacity: 40 kg dry bean/hr (10 kg dry bean/batch)
    *Depending on soybean quality and soymilk brix.
  • Corresponding to the request of no defoaming agent production(optional).
  • Hygienic closed design (No Open Tanks).
  • Clean in place (CIP): Not only Squeezer and Cooker but Grinder.
  • No manual washing needed.

ATOM Vertical Type Screw Squeezer Model No. MTS-SPT type

Screw Squeezer

  • Patented Hydraulic filtration method.
  • MIJIN (Okara flakes) remover is not needed.
  • Yield is drastically increased.
  • Screen mesh size φ0.1mm: no blinding occurs.
  • Weight of Tofu refuse (Okara dregs) is reduced to half.
  • Cleaning is automated : no time or labor needed.
  • Quiet, noise-free operation.
  • Sanitary because machine is completely sealed.
  • Only a small space is needed for machine installation.
  • Soymilk quantity increases by 10~20%.
  • Soy milk density increases by 1~2°.
  • The rotation of screw is to be the center and works smoothly efficiently.
  • The flow of the material is from up to down, which squeeze smoothly and make high quality soy-milk.
  • In maintenance, the filter can be to the horizontal position, which make easy maintenance.

ATOM Screw Vertical Type Screw Squeezer Model No: MTS-SPT type with Okara,Tofu dregs, conveyor system

Screw Squeezer

  • No feeder necessary and this helps preventing the injury-risk.
  • No running cost as no machinery parts.
  • No pressure loss by no blade.
  • The stainless cylinder helps easy cleaning inside a cabinet.
  • A wide observation window helps inspection on the production process and cleaning conditions.


Cooker for soymilk

  • Equipped with patented ABV (Automatic Bleed Value)system.
  • The ABV system can detect the bubbles and air during boiling and automatically discharge them.
  • Uniform cooking condition and can extract evenly cooked soymilk.
  • No need the baffle plate in boiling tube so high washing performance.
  • Controlling the increasing pressure inside a cooker and possible to cook with low pressure steam.
  • Reducing the steaming flash at outlet of the cooker and the splash inside a cooking tank.
  • Inline steam injection (originated by Mauri)
    • -Realization of quick and even boiling.
    • -Corresponding to the request of extracting high brix soymilk.
    • -Corresponding to the request of no deforming agent (optional).
    • -Realization of smooth slurry flowing and quiet running.
    • -Generating turbulent flow of the water inside boiling tubes to
        get high washing performance.


Aiming to make truly delicious KODAWARI (Super high-quality) TOFU

  • Patented MARUI Mixer-type Batch Open Pot.
  • No additional defoaming agent needed. Easy-to-use open pot.
  • Perfect handling of super-high concentrations. In combination with Atom, extraction of over 16 Brix can be done.
  • Even agitation ensures that uneven boiling never occurs even at super-high concentration.
  • Boiling time and additional boiling time can be freely controlled with no uneven boiling. Soymilk boiling can be finished as desired.
  • Unlike batch type non-defoaming pots, KODAWARI-MBK type open pot has no excessive unevenness. Cartridge type, so all parts can be removed for washing.
  • KODAWARI-MBK type open pot provides smooth and super highly concentrated soy milk with good yield, without adding defoaming agent, allowing you to make your own unique TOFU that no other plants can produce.
  • With one-touch function (Yes & No switching) for use with/without defoaming.