Azabu Seiki Mfg Co., Ltd.

About Azabu Seiki Mfg Co., Ltd.

Azabu developed the first automatic cutting machine of western confectionery in Japan. With 60 years of experience, we will meet the needs of our customers.

List of Machinery

STC-65 Type Vertical Slicer

A versatile slicer capable of cutting a wide range of foods, including Western sweets, Japanese sweets, paper-wrapped castella and frozen foods.

  • Features excellent operability with an LCD touch panel and allows for customized settings to match the product, with the ability to register up to 40 different products.
  • Easy starting position alignment with a positioning laser for cutting.
  • With the optional automatic inverter RT-440, you can cut both horizontally and vertically as needed.
  • It is equipped with our original three-blade knives, and it can switch blades for cutting frozen and chilled products.
  • Available in three models (ST-10, STC-65, STC-85) to accommodate different product sizes.
  • In addition to the 'Gap Mode' for creating spaces between cut products, it also allows for individual adjustments to the cutting dimensions for each cut.

T-3 Type Separator Slicer

A slicer with product retrieval equipment for cutting whole cakes, etc., into 6 to 16 equal parts.

  • Features a separate function that removes and transfers each cut product one by one to the conveyor.
  • It is equipped with our original three-blade knives, and blade replacement allows for cutting frozen and chilled products.
  • It incorporates an LCD touch panel to prevent operator errors.
  • Compact design allows for easy movement without space restrictions.

Round Wrapper R・R Type

Cake Side Wrapping Machine

  • Wraps quickly and neatly cakes of any shape