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Our specialists can provide dairymen with world advanced technology



In our TOTAL SUPPORTING SYSTEM, we can show our customers with our complete presentation to solve dairy farmers' problems with our own know-how for their better management


To import frozen semen and embryos of genetically superior Bulls and Heifers/Cows from USA and Canada and deliver them to dairy farmers with complete genetic information of the animals including Type, Udder traits, Milk quality and Production. Our customers can always select from a full line-up of breeds and the products for their own needs for their herd improvement.

NOSAWA's partners in USA & Canada



Milk Parlor Cow Comfort Milking System Bulk Cooler Mixer Barn Cleaners
AI/ET Equipment Heat Detection Teat Dips Mat

Nosawa organizes overseas dairy fact-finding tours


Nosawa holds yearly a few overseas (mainly to USA & Canada) dairy and fact-finding tours where the customers can observe successful dairy farming in those advanced countries to learn some clues for better managements of their own farms.

Nosawa's history in the total support for Dairy Farming in Japan

Since its first import of a Holstein Friesian Bull for breeding purpose from the Netherlands in 1939, Nosawa has imported hundreds of AI bulls and thousands of brood cows and heifers on farmers' behalf from USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

After frozen semen imports started in 1984 when Nosawa signed the agreements as their sole agents in Japan with World-Wide Sires (USA) and SEMEX Canada respectively, millions of dozens of semen and lately sexed semen and embryos have been brought in for herd improvement. Up to now, we have been deeply engaged in the total support of dairymen and the industry for their advancement and better managements with variety of imported machines and equipment including several goods for cow comfort on top of the above mentioned genetic materials.


name Shuichi (Sho) Yoshida Shuichi (Sho) Yoshida
official position Executive Managing Director / Tokyo Office
Being solely engaged in livestock business since his joining to Nosawa in 1976. Spent 7 years at Nosawa New York office when he covered the whole USA and Canada in purchasing stallions, riding horses, draft horses, Holstein heifers & cows, Holstein AI bulls and breeding pigs for an export to Japan.
Currently he is assisting dairy farmers for improved and profitable managements providing them with Nosawa's total approach(genetics, plan mating, dairy equipment, cow comfort materials, etc.) and direct marketing (staff's frequent visits to customers for discussions on their daily needs) scheme.
name Yuji Kishigami Yuji Kishigami
official position Manager / Tokyo Office
Responsible for nation wide sales of imported Frozen Semen. Highly respected by customers for his excellent planning ability and worldwide activity.
At the weekends, playing an important role in the Nosawa baseball team as an ace pitcher.
name Masayuki Ogura Masayuki Ogura
official position Assistant Manager / Tokyo Office
Exclusively responsible for import and export of the horse transportation in every aspect of customers requirements. Well respected and trusted by the customers for his profound knowledge and long experience in the field together with his excellent ability in commanding English language. He has a strong human relationship with people involved in the horse racing in Dubai, Melbourne, Singapore, Hong Kong etc.
name Shunichi (Nick) Toda hunichi (Nick) Toda
official position Chief / Tokyo Office
A veteran salesman with his nearly 40 years experience and responsible for sales of breeding Cattle, Buffalos, Swine, Sheep, Goats, Chicks and cattle embryos imported from USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and France. Highly respected for his profound knowledge of animals by his customers. Frequent travelers in those countries.
name Yoshiro Endo Yoshiro Endo
official position Chief / Tokyo Office
An experienced engineer in extruder feed milling machines and chicken debeakers. Responsible for sales of hay, feed additives & supplements imported from USA and Australia.
name Ippei Tanaka Ippei Tanaka
official position Tokyo Office
Joined in 2011. Trying very hard in daily business to collect as much information as possible for his own knowledge and experience taking advantage of every trip inside and outside of Japan. He may well play a major role in the Division soon.
name Shoji Fukuda Shoji Fukuda
official position Kyushu Office
Joined Nosawa in 2012. Covering all parts of Kyushu island, he has been marketing imported frozen semen and frozen embryos for the local farmers on top of his important assignment to provide the customers with the most beneficial information on dairy farming.
name Motoki Honda Motoki Honda
official position Tokyo Office
Joined the company in 2014. Travelling and visiting customers with senior colleagues are the best occasion to learn about the business and livestock. Personally attained a national license in cattle dealing.
name Shinji Mori Shinji Mori
official position Tokyo Office
When in college, he was active in playing Hand Ball as a goalie taking advantage of his height being over 180cm. He has an experience of helping NPO activities in Uganda. Currently he has been studying very hard on cattle husbandry.
name Takatoshi Matsuo Takatoshi Matsuo
official position Manager / Tokyo Office
Responsible for sales of Boumatic milking system, several equipment and materials for Cow Comfort mainly for barn use and chemical detergents to clean milking pipe lines etc. An excellent adviser to dairy farmers for an improvement of milking equipment and barn facilities.
name Osamu Noda Osamu Noda
official position Assistant Chief / Tokyo Office
Has long been engaged in sales of dairy equipment and food processing machines. Always ready to be a good consultant for the customers when they need to improve any equipment and facilities with new overseas information and ideas
name Kentaro Tanaka Kentaro Tanaka
official position Assistant Chief / Tokyo Office
On top of dairy equipment, he is responsible for sales of food processing machines and also exporting Tofu and Soy Milk producing machineries to Hong Kong, China, Canada, Australia and USA. Finds a joy in presenting machines to produce safe and reassured foods to the customers.
name Shuhei Namekawa Shuhei Namekawa
official position Kyushu Office
Joined Nosawa in 2013. Handling various equipment and instruments pertaining to Cow Artificial Insemination, Embryo Transfer and Heat Detection. He always keeps in mind to build up a win-win relationship with the customers. Targeting at bright future of Dairy farming, he is consulting always positively and sincerely with the farmers.